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Riley's Role: UI Designer for iOS, Android, and Web

To influence binge reading with Scribd’s book, audiobook, and comic subscription service. Designs include a drop down notification, contextual messaging when a member reaches the end of a book, thumbnail color extractions, improved rating system, write a review section, and recommended book carousels.


  • Binge reading. Encourage users to continue reading once they have finished a book.

  • Promote concept of rating and reviewing a book. When a user finishes a book, it is the perfect time to ask them to rate it and hopefully increase quality ratings on Scribd's product.

Competitive Analysis

Medium: Product provides "Related Reads" the author and collection information at the end of the article. The product allows the user to pick between 4 other related articles. Clicking on the article quickly loads the next article, making it seem like the article was just waiting below the current article.

Netflix: During the last minute or two of the film, Netflix will minimize the movie and ask you to rate the movie. On the bottom half (or right side) of the screen, Netflix will usually show 3 related movies. On the bottom part of the screen, there is a CTA to recommend to a friend. Incase of movie series, they start playing the next episode after the end of the current one.

Amazon: After you try to flick past the last page, Amazon asks you to rate the book and provides you a couple of carousels showing books from the same author and offers other books read by other users who read that book.

Feature Requirements

Any End of Reading dialogs needs to be non-intrusive and easily dismissible - should not annoy or interrupt the end of reading in anyway.

In addition to marking the book as finished we should show users a prompt to rate the book and also recommend additional books to read. Users should be able to close this dialog.

For a book within a series, we should recommend other books in the series.

For books that are not within a series we should show them the recommended row from the book page (of the book they are reading)

Audiobooks - show the End of Reading prompt at the last chapter of the audiobook.

Comics - show the End of Reading prompt for the last 5 pages of the comic


All wireframes for iOS, android, and web were created by our Senior UX Designer Loren Heiman. View all mobile and web wireframes: Wireframes PDF

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