UX Case Study: Mobile Language Learning App Design Concept

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How might we design a mobile app that empowers people to learn a new language? Fluently is a product that came to life through my UX Fundamentals 10-month certified training program with CareerFoundry. What is Fluently you might ask? Fluently, is the name of my mobile app and the purpose of this product is to become fluent in the target language you are learning.


“Maria, a college student, needs a way to communicate using her target language with other people so that she reinforces what she has learned and feels comfortable speaking the language.”


We believe that by creating a language learning app that helps connect Maria with native speakers, is visually appealing, uses speech recognition, is not monotonous, and improves her writing skills, we will keep Maria engaged and she will enjoy the time she needs to learn a new language.


With Fluently, the benefit of using this product is to adapt quickly to learning a new language by connecting and having real conversations with native speakers around the world. Not ready to speak with a real person yet? I also provide a range of courses you can take structured to stimulate your brains natural ability to learn, and I've included a friendly robot that you can practice with to help build up your confidence to speak the target language you are looking to learn with others.


For this this project, I researched the experience of memorizing and understanding new language concepts, techniques, and terms while also interviewing users who had learned a new language or were in process of learning a new language. Watch my video presentation down below to see and hear the full process I took to design Fluently.


I used the Design Thinking methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. I empathized, defined (the problem), ideated, prototyped, and tested my solutions.

App Video Presentation

In this video I am presenting Fluently, the mobile app, and I’ll be sharing with you my design process while building a new language learning app for iOS. You will learn about my user research methods, usability problems I discovered along the way, and how I went about providing solutions for these problems to ultimately create a more effective user experience for learning a new language.


InVision Prototype


While designing Fluently I really enjoyed conducting my first remote unmoderated usability test, and since it was my first test, I learned a great deal about why it's so important that we test our designs. Watching users find bugs as they were using the app, and me not being able to rectify the problem immediately was a hard thing to oversee as a designer because we want to fix everything right!? Yet, this valuable information and receiving their input is what helps us build better products in the future. I look forward to continuing to practice the design thinking process and make improvements with the next iteration.