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Riley's Role: UI Designer for iOS, Android, and Web



The payments page is a major part of Scribd's acquisition funnel--everyone who signs up for a Scribd membership on web or mobile needs to pass through it. Therefore, even a 1-2% conversion increase on the payments page rate will have cascading effects on Scribd's growth efforts. The product team has shown improvement with Optimizely tests and the Android credit card page redesign. Scribd also has qualitative data from examining how similar services (Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu) collect credit card information. The time has come for a redesign.


  • Get more people to enter their payment information and start their Scribd membership.

Current Problems Web

  • The information flow on the current payments page is not linear.

  • The copy is both too neutral ("read unlimited books on any device") and potentially distracting (the sidebar)

  • The call-to-action "SUBMIT" is transactional and does not emphasize the free trial

  • The entry fields require you to click through to each box instead of automatically moving your cursor

  • We do not do a checksum to evaluate if the credit card is valid before the user clicks "SUBMIT"

  • Our error messaging is generic and does not reassure the user (this particular message gets triggered 15-20% of the time to new users):


  • Conversion rate (# of successful submissions / # unique viewers to the payments page)

  • Button clicks (this is a secondary measure of intent)

  • Conversions from Paypal vs. Credit Card

  • Retention/cancellation rates of these users

Product Requirements

  1. The payments page should encompass a range of different signup scenarios.

  2. The payments page should emphasize that a new member gets one month free and that they can cancel anytime.

  3. The payments page should reassert Scribd's main value add to users (unlimited reading, free trial, low monthly price, a million books, audiobooks, comics, and documents)

  4. The payments page should reassure the user that we need their payment information so they can continue unlimited reading uninterrupted.

  5. The payments page should make the user feel secure giving us their credit card or Paypal information.

  6. The payments page should check to ensure we have a valid credit card before allowing the user to submit their information.

  7. The payments page should have clear error messages that reassure the user and prompt them to correct any incorrect fields.

  8. The payments page should have a logical, straightforward information flow and entry fields.

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