My Design Process


Discover — Generative Research Phase

Understand the initial situation or challenge. I’ll define what additional knowledge I need. Figure out how to obtain it. Then go all out, in generative research mode.

Define — Synthesis Phase

Understand and make sense of my research to define whether I am solving the right problem and phrase my vision accordingly while also incorporating systems thinking. 

Develop — Ideation Phase

Build, test, fail, learn and to do it again. I’ll get into the solution mode by evaluating ways and means to solve the core issues I have gathered from my research synthesis. While doing this, I’ll also take into consideration the entire ecosystem of the product and each atomic unit so clearly that I can set about creating something that’s more than a sum of its parts. 

Deliver — Implementation Phase

Design, craft, develop or do whatever it takes to turn my ideas and potential solutions into something tangible.