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Riley's Role: UI/UX Designer for iOS, Android, and Web



To boost app downloads, it is very important to keep your users constantly engaged. Devising a referral program for a mobile app required much effort. With this project we added incentives for social sharing which facilitated users to take prompt action on our referral links and increase the appeal of our ‘invite friends and read for free’ prompts. To amplify our referral program we made sure to include exciting and powerful content copy, that motivates social users to click on our link as soon as they sight it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform.


  • Increase the number of subscription signups from referrals.

  • Introduce referrals into mobile.

  • Have the user email more friends by importing and not restricting # of emails to choose.

  • Separate referral page into it's own page to make the message more clear + allows us to separate our message depending on what we are trying to achieve.

  • Introduce referrals into more flows.

  • Create a nice landing page for people who click on referral link (mobile web and web).

  • Reduce UX confusion by separating high level concepts into their own pages, rather than stuffing it all in one page.

  • When users get referred and come via mobile phone/tablet, don't send them to app but rather mobile web flow. This way we can actually give them an extension (looking at you iOS) and not lose 30% of our money (again, looking at you iOS). After flow, we should ask them to install app.


Need to track every part of the flow:

  • % of active users who send an invite.

  • Conversion of when user sends email to people

  • Conversion of when Scribd notifies users via homepage.

  • Number of people invited to via sharer.

  • % of guests invited to conversions

Product Requirements  

  1. It should be able to handle users who can get extensions vs. not. Should push inviting friends from contact list.

  2. When we search from contact list, we have to only include the people who have email addresses. Should have the ability to share link via a separate modal.

  3. We don't want to push sharing from contact list and FB/Twitter together.

  4. Separately = FB/Twitter/Contacts.

  5. Link in the top right of screen to show previous sends/statuses.

  6. Show pending invites/accepted.


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