Scribd UX/UI Design Challenge: Author Feature Concept


My humble beginnings as a designer started with a design challenge. The Design Director of Scribd asked for me to complete a design challenge before joining the team. He wanted me to create the next generation iOS-native version of what an author profile page could be. The author profile page is a feature where you, an author or publisher are represented publicly.


The goal of this challenge is to see what my ideas are about this page. I was asked to ignore Scribd’s current functionality and design my own look and feel of what I envisioned Scribd could be. This sky was my limit. Scribd wanted to see my design chops and creativity. They were looking for my thought process, and the methodology used to solve challenges and how I would come to my educated proposal and the deliverable of my proposal. The Scribd design team were looking for the steps I took, my process, the methodology used, the why’s, as well as the recommended output. Creativity, structure, and originality were essential for them.

My Role and Process

I was a junior UI/UX designer with no UX or UI work experience before the challenge. I was asked to facilitate a design challenge and present my work in front of the team before getting hired as a junior designer.

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