Riley's Role: UI Designer for Web



Threads is a community where you can discover and shop authentic styles for every occasion. As a contract designer for Threads, I helped identify critical usability flaws and inconsistencies within the iOS app and web. I was assigned to design high fidelity mockups for the web and google chrome widget along with creating marketing material when needed. My biggest challenge was working within the limits of Squarespace since we did not have a web developer.


  • Give web landing page a new visual refresh.

  • Design new web page for users who are interested in being Creators. Creators are fashion bloggers who create valuable content for Threads and include links to their clothing items so that others can shop. When the community shops the creators look, the creator will earn a commission.

  • Provide marketing material for social channels

Competitive Analysis

Spring: Spring is a single shopping destination where people can discover amazing products and buy them directly from the brands and designers that make them. Spring wants to a highly personal experience that captures the fun, beauty, and social joy of going shopping in the physical world. 

Foray: Foray Collective is an innovative way to shop and discover thousands of products from top brands and emerging designers. Foray's Style Influencer Section, also features hundreds of top bloggers from around the world, similar to Threads.

Product Requirements

Landing Page:

  1. Update placeholder hero image and see if we are able to upload a video in its place for the future. Story: A user can see value proposition and what Threads is about. Would like to use a video to convey the message of being more than just fashion. It's a lifestyle, show people in their clothes traveling, living the life etc. See example.

  2. Keep CTA to download the app and look into adding text to download field. A user's immediate CTA is to download the app. Have option to text themselves the link to download.

  3. Add Join and Sign In which will take the user to authenticate on the console. Story: A user can sign up/log in. This would take them to the console view. We need to fix the URL so it's not called console. And we need to remember the user so she/he doesn't always have to log in every single time. Ensure sign up/login view matches the app experience so people who already has an account knows that they should sign in and not sign up.

  4. New section on landing page for Creators - section on landing with link as well as label in menu for Creators. Story: A user who is interested in being a creator can easily see a link / CTA to a creator section like Airbnb's "Become a Host" and be taken to the creator section where she/he can find info about being a creator

Creator Page:

  1. Info on the home page for creators and link to the creators section of the site.

  2. On the creator page we need to provide information on why fashion bloggers would want to become a Threads creator, who can be a creator and what Threads looks for in content.

  3. FAQ’s for creators

Threads UI Audit

Download: Web Audit       Download: iOS Audit


Wireframe for Threads landing page was created client's Senior UX Designer.

UI Design Web

Landing page 

Creator page

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